Rosinha Knows

Frightened Rosinha asked. – Here exactly, in the classroom. The teacher answered. – I brought many things and I will make a picnic. – How wonder! Exclamaram all the pupils. Clarice Owner was with the aid of its pupils transforming the classroom into a true kitchen.

All had helped, therefore they liked to participate. The teacher then was distributing fruits to the pupils: pear, apple, orange, goiaba and speaking on the benefits of each one of them. what we have to drink? Rosinha questioned. To drink we have juice of maracuj. A delight? Clarice Owner said. While they ate the fruits Clarice Owner went explaining the importance to modify the alimentary habits for a healthful life. It said: – The feeding is the base for the health. the pupils did not unglue the eyes of the teacher and the mouth of the fruits.

They see as the juice of maracuj is so gostoso how much the cooling one. They perceive as the fruit is so flavorful how much the salty one that vocs they buy in the canteen? Clarice Owner said. Rosinha asked: But what this in the while still alive healthful aid, teacher? – Rosinha Knows, when feeding itself well, vocs will be taking care of of all the body, will fight the obesidade and will protect the heart of the illnesses. Paulinho entered in the colloquy: – This Is truth. I remember that vov had problems in the heart and the mother said that was reason was not fed right. – And it is same truth, Paulinho.

But our lesson it does not finish this way. – Not! – Not, my pupils. Vocs will take to the vocs parents these posters speaking on the healthful feeding they will invite and them so that all we, in Saturday, let us make a bicycle stroll together. – Stroll of bicycle, teacher? Rosinha questioned. – This exactly, Rosinha. It is part of our lesson. Beyond feeding in them well we will go to make physical exercises to be all with the health in day. The pupils had very liked the lesson, but it picnic also organized for the Clarice teacher. thus was fact, in Saturday was all congregated in front of the school, parents, children and professors for the ciclstico stroll. However, most important it was that the children had learned the lesson and since that lesson they had passed if to feed better and to inspect the purchases that the parents made: Rosinha went to the supermarket with the father and said it: – Papa, more fruits, vegetables and vegetables in our stand of purchases. Pizza only once in a while, hein.


James Bond

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