Inquisition Corona Borealis

This allows them to intervene as arbiters in disputes that arise between their friends and relatives, so they are very appreciated by all of them. They possess great sensitivity and adaptability, showing its sincerity towards the beloved people. They need to know is necessary. When the color orange is not the predominant, it will indicate that the person in question, is highly motivated in the family, or toward their friendships, expressing a State of harmony and peace. On the downside, the color orange, indicate that they could develop the qualities opposite to which they would correspond such as predominant color, becoming selfish and unbearable, giving the feeling of unconcern by everything that surrounds him. DORADO the person whose dominant aura is gold-colored, will present a great capacity of energy and willpower, marking its objectives as very high goals that usually get.

The person with the aura of golden colour, is highly convincing and arouses admiration towards his ability to achieve his purposes. When the golden color of the aura is in the background, it will indicate that it is being carried out a great effort to achieve the proposed objective, being a good indication of the situation. The negative aspect of the person whose color of the aura is el dorado, find a demand excessive toward itself, to achieve its objectives, reaching cause great frustration If cannot achieve, at the same time that it can cause serious depressive type illnesses or stress. WHITE person whose predominant color of the aura is white, has, to a lesser extent, all the qualities of other colors. They are people that attracts the quiet and family life, without need for great ideals, but they have a great capacity for creativity and imagination.

When the aura of white color is in the background, you will be indicating a reflexive and simple life period at a time, without complications. But on the downside of the aura of white color, it would indicate that the person in question was going through a State of profound selfishness, as well as awaken distrust among his friends, becoming despot and believed. These colors previously described, by way of example, would represent the basic colors, depending on their shades, brightness or darkness, which are positive or negative. Modify the color of the Aura at will but just like the colors of the aura influencing character and emotional state of the subject, the person can also influence the color of the aura, in order to achieve a certain improvement in your physical, psychic or spiritual aspect. How can a certain color of the aura I modify? This done born in Barcelona an October three diploma in business. Member of ACEC (collegiate Association of writers of Catalonia. Member of cedar (Spanish Centre of Reprographic Dedrechos. Member of REMES (global network of writers in Spanish. Author of the books: the legacy of Maria Magdalena Edic. Amares. com 2005. The manuscript of Adan Edic. Amares. com 2006. The triumph of Maria Magdalena Jaque mate to the Inquisition Corona Borealis 2007 1993 travelled to Egypt, discovering the magic and esotericism of the country of the Nile. This fascinating trip, takes you to venture into the field of extrasensory experiences. As a result, he embarks on a new stage in his life, dedicated to the research of the unknown. This introduces you to the study of the mysteries historical, and whose work is reflected in his three earlier works. Occasional contributor to newspapers, radio and television. Creator and Director of the web. jlgimenez. It is and the Forum:. groups.