Enterprise Strategy Group

The SASBeast builds like all the products of the manufacturer on the design architecture, which today is among more than 21,000 in over 60 countries around the globe to the Use next systems worked. Citations in the current global economic environment companies carefully consider whether and how quickly planned investments pay off. Set value to a direct and measurable return-of-investment. The price screw turn, is only one side of the coin. Nexsan concentrated therefore, not only of the costs to offer attractive solutions, but at the same time its functionality constantly to expand. Companies benefit when choosing Nexsan products, thus both from financial and functional perspective. Best proof that Nexsan here sets standards, shows the past year. In all of the newly introduced systems integrated the manufacturer more innovative features and today offers a product family, which convinced even the most demanding users in terms of flexibility, scalability, energy efficiency, and price performance.

The SASBeast is another example that Nexsan designed products which ideally spread for the usage in business-critical environments small and medium-sized businesses are. Mark Peters, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group our storage systems have proven themselves for three generations of product in use by government agencies, leading institutions and companies of all sizes around the globe. Based on our experience we have refined more and more our advanced storage architecture, with the result that she today considered the loss of safest on the market. With the SASBeast we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which employ transaction applications. As well as large companies, they are instructed on powerful, reliable and energy-saving solutions that provide a good value for money. The new storage system meets these requirements in all respects, since it is characterized by a high density, reliability, and energy efficiency; but is tailored to the budget of SMEs. This is especially true in terms of that IT departments currently under enormous cost pressures and are forced to the maximum every dollar invested to get out. In this respect comes exactly at the right time. the SASBeast” Gary Watson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Nexsan Technologies