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If as they discovered the great physicists of the 20th century, the universal spirit, God, acts in all, on each atom, every molecule, on each floor and each animal and course in every human being, again the question arises if the contempt the animals in the traditional Bible can be truly the word of God. Whoever believes in the great Creator God, it is unimaginable that it wants to deal with such contempt to his creatures, as the Church has taught it for 2000 years. Whoever believes in the God of love, the question of why Dios calla above all this is also perhaps raises and does not intervene. He does not, because it has created the human being as a being free, does not mean that their freedom. But he is not silent.

At all times, especially in the big times of change, he has spoken through prophets their human children, through the great prophets of the old testament and primarily through Jesus de Nazareth. And after him there again mystics and people especially purified, that they became permeable to the spiritual world and heard the voice of God in its interior, and according to the importance that had the appeal, could also give some of it to others. So you can understand, and it is evident that God in this extraordinary time in which we live today, send again a great prophet men, on this occasion in the figure of a woman, that it was possible the direct communication with the spirit of God, emerging through it a great work of manifestation to guide the men to a new consciousness of the unitwhich will be a new relationship between man and animal. One of the messages of the universe through Gabriele says: you know, every one of you is the compressed universe, and the universe is being, is the eternal home, the sea of light, God. Why behaves I like men so that you emitais to heaven and receive of the sky. If you live in the power of the universe, you’re the essence of the universe, live in fullness and you’re the fullness.

The expression Ye are compressed universe, and in you is the essence of the universe, it relates greatly expressions we hear representatives of quantum physics. The great work, this is my word, it tells about the life and teachings of Jesus de Nazareth, in much more detailed manner than for official ecclesiastical texts of the Bible. This fact is evident that the Nazarene taught treated completely different animals to such as we are used in the framework of the so-called Christian tradition. Among other things, we read in this is my word: Sed so considerate, kind, compassionate and kind, not only with your own similar but also with all creatures to your care; because to them you are as gods to which boost the view needs. (CAAP. 19, 9) Life Universal original author and source of the article.