Real Estate Investment

From the perspective of the real estate investment, buying new property within the diversified catalogue of promotion housing in Budapest is an outstanding choice, due to the current level of prices and guarantees of revaluation estimated in the short and long term because of the growing demand for new housing in Hungary. During 2007, the price of new homes in Budapest has grown between 5% and 7% as a whole. However, would not be an exception to observe an increase between 10% and 15%. In turn, the average growth does not correspond to the increase of costs of investors, which estimate around 8%. All Budapest this points to a benefit of buyers who choose a property properly and make a real estate investment. On the other hand, due to guarantees of constructors over the building in general, real estate new construction constitute the best real estate investment opportunity. Ebay insists that this is the case.

Tenants, mostly prefer new construction in Budapest, due among other housing reasons, that maintenance fees are generally lower as opposed to a second hand property and equipment of buildings, which always have elevators. New projects of real estate that will expand the catalog of promotion housing in Budapest appear with a strengthened and innovative marketing work. Simultaneously there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of housing. In recent months is observing a very novel fusion of services within the sale of property and that on many occasions it determines a successful operation. The sale of property of new construction includes an interior design plus service. Although the selling price of property continues to be the main factor for buyers at the time of the decision to make the real estate investment, the quality of the design of the building and properties has a starring role in the success of the operation.

In relation to this topic, construction of new homes from 2008 regulations have readecuado in Budapest. According to these changes, each property must have at least one bedroom sunny for at least 1 hour a day. In addition, in each of these properties as a minimum a room should cover an area of 17 square metres. Air conditioning equipment must be installed in harmony with the outer facade of the building. The properties of second hand in Hungary have some disadvantages that they hinder the sale of property and the possibilities for leasing of properties, including observed deficiencies in facilities (pipelines, electrical installations, among others), reason by which maintenance fees are usually higher. But on the other hand, in Budapest begins to gain ground the idea make a real estate investment in a second hand property for a child college student is more beneficial than lease a property. This situation favors promoting housing and sale of property in the College towns of the interior of Hungary and in District 9 and 11 in Budapest, which is the Zona universitaria. In the Hungarian capital, second hand properties more demanded by the University students have a surface area of approximately 40 square meters. Young couples are reluctant at the time of lease a property, generally speaking, those who can not access a property of new construction in Budapest, tend to seek a small second-hand property. It is noteworthy, that show no specific preferences regarding a district or another of Budapest.



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