Lost in the immense vastness of the Universe, the Land became vacant, gray and disforme, in a perpetual drift. Of surprise, a voice resounded in the dark night: – Light Becomes! Suddenly, a flash was lit and a light rip tore the blackout. Decisive, the voice continued: – An expansion in the way Has them waters, and has separation between waters and waters! Soon the waters if had separated, giving place to the firmamento. Then, the voice dictated. – The waters in a place Are joined and appear the dry portion! Thus the Pangeia emerged! As the day the voice became to speak: – The land Produces grass that gives seed, tree that fruit gives, and everything according to its species! In seconds, of cinereous and yesterday sad the Land, long ago in flames and, a life infinity sprouted. In the third day the voice proclaimed: – It has stars in the sky, to have separation between the day and the night, and that these alumiem the land! The day was closed suddenly but in the sky it appeared a multitude of stars and an enormous full Moon. To the room day, livened up for the power of the word, the voice risked one new step: – Reptiles of living soul Produce waters abundantly, and fly the birds on skies! Exceeded millenia of evolution thus in an apex, in the seas the Celacantos, Fish-Charge, the Rays and the Tubares had appeared; in the land the Dodos and the Ostriches appeared; in air, lighter than those, the Eagles and the Hawks flied. In the trees, specialists in the art of the weaving, Spiders mounted fatal traps to flyers. The fifth day the voice became to say: – The waters of the seas Bear fruit and full; that the birds if multiply on the land! In the sixth day of the creation, when already all the species of plants and animals jumped in glad convivncia the voice lowered to the land and, kneel, it murmured: – Let us make the Man to our image, as to our similarity? With a clay handful it molded two pieces of people.

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