Bedding Sacerdotal

The Bedding Sacerdotal de Melquisedeque Before Abro was called by God for a land which it was unaware of, inhabited in way it is region (Cana) the Queneus, Cadmoneus, Heteus, Ferezeus, Refains, Cananeus and the Jebuseus. Gnesis.15: 19. We know for the respective theological researchers that these nations were deriving on the part of the descent of Dog, one of the children of Noah, it is land was fertile and the people that in it inhabited was of the descent of the Giant men of fame of the antiquity. Nmeros.13: 27-33. God, in the same way as before the dilvio, raises a man to alert the nations in its respective land of its sin, the one amongst the Giants to be the light in way imensido them darknesses of the idolatria and abominao spiritual, its name: Melquisedeque.

Categorically the Bible in affirms three referring facts to them the Melquisedeque: 1 was King of Salem. 2 was Priest of the Highest God. 3 without father, mother and genealogy. As, of that he forms, this man came if to become King of a land inside idolatra and Priest of a God until then unknown are what we will see more ahead. At the moment we have a reference of that when the Bible informs in them on its lack of genealogy, in detailing in a more necessary way in Hebreus.7: 3 that it was done fellow creature to the Son of God, we understand with this the busy position for it as emissary of Jehovah in this locality corrupted for the sin. For certain the lack was a man as well as Abro feeling in its heart spiritual of something more than it went beyond mere deuses wooden, rock and marble. God calls Melquisedeque as well as called to the Abro, however with an only difference, in the same way as its ancestor Noah, it he would have to nail for that cananita people a word of exhortation to the way of the repentance, and if they were not made use if to repent the sentence would be certain and a coming of far, in the future would destroy, them.