Berlin Information

Valuable tips and ways on a student trip to Berlin it’s sights on a study trip in Germany’s capital during a school trip in the capital of Germany to see possible two sides of world city: the past of the reunified Germany on the one hand and the metropolis of art and politics, which always changes and joie de vivre sparkles on the other. You can experience art, history and politics at the same time in Berlin, and to immerse yourself in cafes around Potsdamer Platz at the former Berlin wall in the city of many faces. A trip to the German capital is the destination for the upcoming study tour and a must for any classroom! DDR Museum Berlin, the history of the former Socialist state can be detected at the DDR Museum in a unique way. Because the exhibits represent objects from the daily lives of people, you can take focused and interactive with the past dictatorship set apart and cliches are critically scrutinized. You can get in an old Trabi, pieces of clothing from the Take cabinets and the drawers open up in the cooking room. The Museum concept unique in Germany allows a special experience for the past of the GDR.

The Holocaust Memorial is immediately next to the Brandenburg Gate and the Empire day building the Memorial for the Jews in the NAZI regime brought to, which has been created by the American architect Peter Eisenmann. Cause a threat feeling when walking through the different high steles are built in parallel rows Who would like to learn more background information can go to the Centre under the monument. The art historical collection – the German Museum of technology in Berlin on the basis of the visitors program designed especially for students is worth a visit the Museum at the upcoming students drive in any case.