Bluenose Capital Management

Titus C. castles explains in the interview the trade of Bluenose in the managed account area experienced Cologne asset portfolio concept offers customers access to interesting American commodity trading advisors (CTA). In February the party left accounts of check and list, which are advised by the Bluenose Capital Management LLC of Virginia. The historical results show a consistent management performance and – just very little volatility. We asked Titus C. locks, head of alternative investments for portfolio concept, for more information… Mr. castles, we have received recently very promising account histories of American asset manager portfolio concept.

The Bluenose capital management is an asset manager based in the State of Virginia. How did you find on this company as trading advisor managed accounts for your customers? How intense is the contact? Titus C. locks? Portfolio concept offers its customers since 1984 direct access to the international derivative markets. Since the mid-1990s, there is an additional emphasis in the selection of derivative trading strategies. There, it goes without saying that we have built a wide network through which we repeatedly encounter very interesting new contacts. We are constantly on the lookout for promising, emerging managers.

Studies have shown that smaller CTAs compared to some multibillion-dollar managed futures strategies have a significantly better performance. Also our experiences are like. There are certainly very few managers who have generated a return of such stable and attractive in the past four years, such as our partner Bluenose capital management. With Rob and Joe, the founders of Bluenose, we are regularly in contact. Both are experienced option traders and the passion for the capital markets connects us. What reasons from the perspective of a German investor, to access portfolio concept on an asset manager, the still relatively far from Is Germany away? What special qualities you encountered at Bluenose capital management?