Board Analysis

For enhance the effectiveness of interviews with managers and staff should be used specially developed for this purpose questionnaires. Analysis of specific external information under special external information here means any information about changes in the external environment (eg, economic and legal). This information can be extracted from the official sources of information and analytical publications, conference papers and seminars. Analysis of information and draw conclusions from it, leading to changes in the way and cause learning needs is, of course, largely the prerogative of experts in relevant fields. Tony hawk can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, training manager should monitor the reviewing major information sources, and that important changes were not a surprise to him. Analysis of changes in technology, basic technology used in production processes of the firm, must also be systematically subjected to analysis for the possible need for staff training. Obviously, training is almost inevitable in the case of replacement of equipment used by employees or software.

Changes in technology do not always work so obvious. For example, to include technological change and intangibles, such as changing the document, including the emergence of new types of documents. Analysis of the decisions of the governing bodies of the company Any changes in the company are expressed in the decisions of its governing bodies (Board of Directors, the Board, committees, councils, etc.). Training Manager must at least in time to get acquainted with these decisions, to analyze them in terms of possible training needs and make appropriate suggestions for correction of plans and the company's budget. Even better, if Training Manager is not just tracking solutions, and participates in their training – in person or through the Director of Human Resources. Then the necessary steps to provide training to appear in the decisions of the executive bodies of companies have already during their training. And the most ideal – when it's not a training manager and personnel director, and department heads themselves, making plans and preparing solutions include them in the event of staff training, accompany and support the planned changes. Analysis of the expected personnel changes within the firm for any company who care about their future, controls the movement of key staff, building plans for them career.

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