It had as much expectation to be frustrated later. Since Five-minutes minutinho did not have one at least to bind for Girl, it decided: fight against its proper atitudinais instincts with the men who interest to it. It is this. It is trying to erase of its memory what a habit became. It is controlled not to order messages in the cellular one, not to give one ligadinha, not to order messages in the Orkut.

Beyond having to control the expenses, the schedules, feeding, Girl was controlling same itself. This is not so cruel how much if it can imagine. It wise person who would have good result. The common sense said to it that to open of hand ferrenhos habits it demonstrated its desire in moving. It was gotten tired to suffer the same consequncias, and this age the first step for the nobility.

Something exists, however, important if to consider: different they are the machine and the man. The keyboard key that deletava the things in Girl was to cry. In Skies he was to xingar, who knows. It was accustomed to risk definitions on it; this age plus one. It risked sufficiently in the phone calls that found super are of hour. In the last one that she gave, Girl sweated sufficiently. We go beirando the existence of a person wanted for all? Girl son of Papa. It is the innocence in person, perhaps. Papa the flame in such a way, also. No matter how hard if he finds mature, mature, mature, he does not obtain to play those joguinhos of love that all have to play. The game of the conquest sounds inhuman, cold, mechanical, robotic. Impulsiveneness has been its more including characteristic. But the impulsiveneness wins the fear, the ice. The world, for association, is won for impulsiveneness? For this reflection, and others, that the calm made to it necessary. Today it walks for a other-face, however already recognized for some few: we go 80Km/h in the Eixo. It is not it stops backwards nor it is inconvenient with the context, temperature in the environment: warm. It remembers and it sees Girl who its horizontes are as the sky of its capital. It obtains every day them to see very without effort, but, simply, it has the mornings where it does not have reason in glimpsing them. Horizontes is important when it is not abused its sight, when the power to see them is not wasted in a descomprometido glance. Horizon can be sky or sea. The two finish if helping. Brasilia is a half horizon. Frustra many and makes to believe others as much. Girl, with its mind of Explanada of the Ministries to avessas: opened, green, monumental space that, in days of party has is vacant, in normal days, multitudes. Perhaps the typical devaneio of Brazilians if it becomes still more concrete in brasilienses: they were promised Girl, fruit of the public office, psychology, the proper house, magazine Whim. Learn more about this with Elon Musk. Because thus it only is, she does not mean that thus she would have to be.

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