The problem is that major negative, it would seem that obsession suffers an injection, and then intensifies in all senses. It seems that the obsessed cannot tolerate not being with the person, it is as if it were an addiction which can not be detached. But it is different to addictive love, because in this both members of the couple involved so that the relationship becomes toxic. Obsessive love, when one of the members of the couple suffers only from it, becomes a problem for the individual subject of that love, and for the obsessed. Here there is a refusal, a break, but the obsessed does not accept it. And do not accept it because does not realize that his love is sick, don’t understand because that person don’t want more your presence, you can realize that it is not the person, but is himself, who is leading, with his way of loving and relate the breaking. In addition to that in the extent that they continue to do so, more and more and more, it will be rejected.

Is therefore important that the obsessed seek some help to understand their ways of relate, your thoughts and the way how choking and control their partners. By an obsessive love suffers them going a couple to another doing the same, loving, giving in excess and suffering by not finding satisfactory relations. Live and understand love couple in this way is a sickly wanting to, but above all, to be in life. Surely people who love obsesionadamente, believe that they are passionate, delivered, really worthy of a good match, and I believe that, but that it is necessary to check their patterns of behavior and relationship to be able to then, Yes, having a good relationship with your partner. Also think that they are not only obsessed with couples, but there are probably other areas of his life that have this type of behavior works in excess? Do you eat too much? Clean excess? Do you drink too much? Yes observed, perhaps, you will find that his behavior toward the couple, extends into other areas of his life if so, seek help, since you can hardly do so in loneliness and their suffering is repeated, one and again, when you want to form couple no change operates out of ourselves, the only change is initiated by ourselves: consider it, perhaps worthwhile having a psychotherapy if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life Cecreto.