Business Customer Segment

Decision makers find the behavior by business users in search engines such as Google & co. What is practiced in the U.S. space has long been looking for companies contacts with suffix “B2B” in search engines, spills over more and more also for Germany, and in the entire Central European region. Looking for company and business contacts decision-makers and buyers connect your search terms with the addition of “B2B” for “Business-Business 2-“, to exclude non-relevant results in search engines. Through the addition of the shortcut “B2B/business customer area” behind the actual search crawls the network targeted the seeker after company contacts and eliminates annoying offers. Advertisers and product providers use this search behavior. You define the acronym “B2B” and other parameters of the product specifically for their keywords.

Online store under the combination search special success: as professionals are looking for the appropriate search term plus the acronym “B2B” with the extended additional “Online-Shop”. Through the ‘abspidern’ the search engine robots achieve them on the one hand more product links, on the other hand optimized online requests via Google & co.. Thus, the falsification of statistical values decreased by requests not desired audiences on a lower level. Even when the search engine giant Google, an enormous increase in the number of entries is increasing, listed under search terms using the additional abbreviation “B2B”. So, the “in combination search” on the ever-increasing flood of search engine listings and websites is becoming increasingly popular. In just two years, the number of registrations under the search term combinations to approximately 20 times increased. In particular AdWords advertisers take advantage of combined keywords on the basis of the slim advertising budget to achieve still more specifically the individual target groups.

“Conclusion: ‘ the filtering and selection of target groups with a suffix is a survival strategy in the vast jungle of online media in particular”, so the Baden-Baden entrepreneur Norbert Goretzki. He is the head of Trend@dress Medien AG. The TAM AG (www.tam-ag.de) is a medium-sized company. It has existed for more than 25 years and is headquartered in Baden-Baden. The divisions currently include an Adressverlag (www.adressen-office.de) and the largest companies (B2B) in German-speaking countries (www.itsbetter.de). A future project is currently in the in-house IT Development Division in the final phase and precedes the test of introduction of. The market launch is planned for later this year. The use of this text is free of charge. Bloggers and website owners can insert this text as content in its online service. Copy or send a link to the published page desired.

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