Business Intelligence

In graphs 3 and 4 the occured variations in the market and the division of the composition of the product are presented. Graph 1e 2: Projection of the Market (red) with carried through (green) Graphical 2 and 3: Variations of the product in the market and Composition Figure 4 and 5: Analytical and Synthetic for it analyzes. 1.4.3RESULTADOS With the analytical and synthetic information, the following step is to consolidate them, with all the collected sources, that are part of this study and thus to finish this process with Intelligence. Effected Intelligence the study it is directed for the borrowers of decisions. This model to follow, was made in the system excel, with macros and clicando with mouse in each petty cash, the same one is opened in all the studies and analysis and intelligence on the product. *Modelo finished Scene 1.4.4CONCLUSO With the study of transformation of the information in Intelligence of this product presented for the area of purchases, the company obtained to reach a Saving that represented a representative profit, to the measure that if was not of ownership of this study, this would not be possible. The use of the Intelligence of adequate form produces a strategical differential for the company.

With the implantation of the area of Intelligence of Market (Business Intelligence) it is very important to get a cronograma of maintenance, update of data and disponibilizar in the Intranet of the company or other ways, so that excessively interested they get these information and they use in its work. This article was developed on the basis of the knowledge that I possess in the area of Intelligence of the Businesses (Business Intelligence), acquired in this function and training and courses of qualification for the area. BIBLIOGRAPHY ALBERONI, Robson. Intelligence of Market. Available in: Campus, 2002. SOUZA, Michel. Business Intelligence.