CAD Computer

The applications in the planning of the production are those in which the computer is used indirectly to support the function of the production, but do not have direct connection between the computer and the process. The computer works for is of the productive flow, giving to information for the planning and management of the production. A used type it is the planning for systems of stockage of materials in you manufacture for the otimizao of the parts of control of parts that it needs to go pra phase of assembly line in the space ' ' A' ' or ' ' B' '. The applications in the production control say respect to the management and the control of physical operations in the plant, such as Control of Process and Quality control. They are common applications in the automatized systems of production and include systems of assembly and transference of parts in a sequence of operations, numerical control, robotic, manuscript and stockage automatized and flexible systems and manufactures.

CIM? (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) a little ampler of what the CAD and the CAM is interpreted as having a direction, which say respect to the functions of engineering and in the project and the production, respectively. The CIM include all the functions of engineering of the CAD/CAM, but also it includes you vary other functions in the company. In the truth, of the point of view ideal, the CIM applies the technology of the computer to all the operational functions and of processing of the information in the plant, since the act of receiving of the order, passing for the project and production until the expedition of the product. The basic concept is of that all on functions of the company to the production function are incorporated in a system integrated for computer, to attend or to automatize the operations. In this integrated system, the exits of an activity serve as entered for the next one, by means of the chain of events that starts with the sales and finishes with the expedition it product.

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