Canon EOS 500D

Compact and lightweight digital slr camera amateur class with a 15-megapixel sensor, sensitivity up to iso 12800, 3-inch lcd display and the function of HD-.DizaynCanon eos 500D is made in a lightweight, compact design and virtually identical in design, the previous model Canon 450D. For the convenience of digital camera has a traditional "SLR" tab on the body, which is not particularly large, but comfortable. Housing model is a metal frame on which is attached to electronic circuits and plastic panels. Metal at the Canon eos 500D is the lens mount and that, in general, not particularly in principle, but gives confidence to many photographers. The peculiarity of the case is it design that does not allow the appearance in the inner space dust. Although the arrangement of controls in general, traditionally, the functionality of some of the buttons has been increased to make more convenient access to new regimes.

For example, a button, which previously was responsible for direct printing, is now also used to start the video. With a new movie mode and related innovations such as the appearance of body openings built-in microphones and speakers. lcd Canon eos 500Dimeet the same dimensions as its predecessor (3-inch diagonal), but much larger than the monitor resolution eos 450D – 920000 pixels. vs. 230,000 pixels. This provides greater convenience of the photographer in all modes, including more precise control over the quality of the image in Live View mode, and while viewing captured images. Among other features of the monitor is the possibility brightness, wide viewing angle (170 ) and dual anti-reflective coating.