Chancellor Angela Merkel

Many questions, but unfortunately a few answers vaccination against swine flu raises more questions. Why get the Bundeswehr and politicians a vaccine that has been already tested and showed no side effects? Why vaccinated even a vaccine, which as well as still at all has not been tested and is perhaps not also somewhat exaggerated in the whole affair? Fact is that since the middle of this year, a big story around the swine flu is made. Now, a vaccine to prevent more dimensions, but hardly anyone wants to be vaccinated is really. But why get a different vaccine Bundeswehr, Manager and politician? So the Bundeswehr I may understand maybe even this because finally have the soldiers still in other crisis areas, where they can infect themselves with other diseases and nobody explored what is this with the pathogens of swine flu together. And why precisely this tested vaccine get politicians and Manger? So according to the motto, who has money something is needed longer than the Rest of the population.

The only bright spot in the whole affair is likely that is our Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly will be vaccinated with the normal vaccine, or has done already. But why is a vaccine ever issued, as well as not tested? Who knows what the fabric so everything with it can bring, without wanting to paint the devil on the wall now. No wonder that hardly anyone vaccinate would settle, and discourage most of the doctors of the vaccination. But somehow, it’s really funny. So I phoned to ask whether it would be any sense to fly to Mallorca at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of health. Point out I was told that this everyone himself should decide an absolute warning wasn’t for it however. You should simply avoid the places with many people. And if again a case becomes known theater is big giant why you told anyone and how it could happen. In my opinion everyone itself should knowing whether he vaccinated want. For me is clear however, that I do not vaccinate myself against something would let, which is as good as ever not been researched.

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