Changing Economic Scenarios

The constant changes that occur in the economic scenarios, facilitated by the action of the business sector and state intervention, globalization has significantly affected the business sector, forcing companies to its management, be attentive to them , giving way to actions, plans that favor. Dan Zwirn usually is spot on. The fact that the characteristics of the current scenario, dynamic, aggressive, full of both opportunities and threats, forcing management to determine what should be his management style that allows you to ensure a smooth organizational development, so that lead restructure its administrative functions, its systems as necessary. On this occasion the specific question on the importance and benefits of providing organizational development, for it has formulated the following question Q 6 .- Analyze the reality of organizational development in companies of the country, the main barriers and accomplishments Instead, provide an example.

Definition: Development: is synonymous with boom, expansion or growth. Organizational Development: may be defined as the growth, expansion or growth of business organizations. At the present time, Venezuela is unfolding in a turbulent scenario, full of uncertainty, risk that the current transition government has created in their interest to give way to a socialism in which the Bolivarian Revolution is the main actor, this has affected in its economy, productivity, insecurity, instability. The result has been that many companies have closed their doors and others survive working with 50% of its installed capacity. This has conditioned an increase in unemployment, the increase of workers in the informal economy and a decline in purchasing power of the population..

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