Charcoal Bacteria

Granular activated carbon from coconut shell – excellent sorbent that extracts water from organic impurities and chlorine. One of the best varieties of this material – FM-39 used in the filters of 'Ecocenter'. Using a specially sintered activated carbon increases the absorbing surface is almost 2-fold, improving its resource. A combination of these sorbents with a special element KDF: an alloy of copper and zinc, a dual effect on the development of micro-organisms: 1. Bacteriostatic – kdf produces a uniform electric field in which the bacteria can not multiply 2. Bactericidal – copper reacts with one of the enzymes responsible for the reproduction process, which kills bacteria. Also, thanks to kdf, there is a set of oxidation and reduction, which reduces the concentration of these chemicals elements such as iron, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and also effectively removes hydrogen sulfide. For water purification on the mechanical and organic sediment, turbidity, sediment, rust, bad taste and smell is used granulated aluminum silicate (Filter-Ag, FM-II) and highly porous gidroantratsit (FM-53), which are tested in production and have excellent filtering, as well as physical and chemical characteristics. Calcite (FM-28) neutralizes the acidity of water, preventing corrosion of pipes, heating elements, mechanisms of household appliances.