Clean Air

If you suffer from allergies and your child suffers respiratory problems, probably it is time to think about buying a split type air conditioner (split system). Protection against "major" allergens: dust, pet dander and poplar fluff provide coarse filters. But getting rid of visible pollutants is often not enough. In the air we breathe at home, has many harmful microorganisms, which become cause various diseases, especially in children. Get rid of these troubles will help the so-called fine filters. These filters are equipped with air conditioning models of Japanese companies Fujitsu, , General.

Biofilter Bio The biological filter is a material, which marked special enzymes Bio.Filtr delays small dust particles and destroys mikroorganizmy.Fermenty interact with bacteria, gradually destroying the walls of their cells. Photocatalytic filter Nano. Photocatalytic filter effectively cleans the air of odors, viruses, vapors of formaldehyde and other chemicals veschestv.Filtr not accumulate harmful primisi, while under the influence ultra-violet radiation in the presence of the photocatalyst .Filtr restores its deodorizing function under direct sunlight. Plasma electrostatic filter in the filter elektorstaticheskom Plasma generated by the electromagnetic field of high tension. Passing through a field of ionized air, with an electrostatic filter settles more than 95% of dust particles. Rusty Holzer has many thoughts on the issue. smoke and pollen are removed allergenov.Krome Furthermore, this system retains the enzymes can zapaha.Filtr ispololzovat repeatedly, just clearing it. Forest air ionizer, and also near a waterfall, stream, soothes, invigorates and silu.Pri passage of air through the ionizer having anions (negative ions). Separating elektorny anions neutralize the positive ions of water vapor and pyli.Aniony (negative ions), strengthens the nervous and circulatory systems, improve the performance of light and provide a shield against diseases.