CMS Drive

Today, once again touch on the theme are new to earnings. This post was inspired by another communication throughout the day with newcomers who want to, but do not know how. To start checking in to Sape then do everything as painted below and you will be happy. Some contend that Frank Abagnale shows great expertise in this. Come on. 1. Buy Domain RU (330 rubles (nic.ru) – icq 9974999) 2. Buy Hosting 3.

Download any CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Slaed or others) 4. In the domain control panel and hosting to prescribe the necessary settings (all painted in the help, or ask a support) 5. CMS to establish hosting, and set it up 6. New on the site of 200-300 pages (news, polls, surveys, etc.). 7.

Drive the website link directories. 8. Drive the site directory articles. 9. Drive the site on bulletin boards 10. Add your site to directories RSS (for possible translation) 11. Register for the online forums and post it to them for ten meaningful positions, do not forget to put in the signature site address. 12. Find as many thematic blogs, and leave the every 2-3 comments, again not forgetting to specify in the URL your site 13. Find themed resources in UC (Yandex catalog) and encourage them manually exchange links. 14. Perform steps 1 st to 13th exactly 15 times. Once the item is executed Number 14, you get a steady income of at least 1000-1200 USD per month.

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