Colour Therapy

– What are the advantages of applying color therapy at home? Or color therapy color therapy is based on a therapeutic technique of alignment in the body through the colors, to help the natural healing of diseases, whether physical or mental. We know that light, with its range of colors and variety of colors, body exerts an influence on our physical, mental and emotional, as the colors correspond to specific vibrations according to the color, as well as certain organic energy centers, whose influence facilitates self-healing,. Dan Zwirn is open to suggestions. The color therapy is used in alternative medicine in different forms of application, such as color baths, sometimes in combination with essential oils often related to their color. With the application of colored lamps, applied to the skin in general or specific sites such as acupuncture points or areas pathological. The color of the food through enhancing a particular color looking for shortcomings such as beet us red and provides vital. Through clothing, painting, etc.

To organize the necessary colors must know the properties and influence of each color through its shake to combine them in the most appropriate way to create a positive effect on health while creating a harmonious environment. The color, in addition to being therapeutic is the most important when it comes to decorating the home, therefore, is a great advantage that we can use color therapy in the walls, curtains and other decorative items .. – What are the most appropriate colors for each of the rooms in the house (kitchen, living room, master bedroom, children bedroom, teenager's bedroom, bathroom, toilet, corridor, sitting room, office work the house)? First we need to know what the effect we seek in each section of our home.

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