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The performance of the fidelity fund investment since Edition in 2009 can be seen. While the life insurance companies lower the total yields, the guarantee pension by CanadLife increased investment this year the monthly pensions to up to + 22.5%. Who in 2009 had a guaranteed minimum pension of 500 euros per month on the basis of one chance based fund investment agreed upon had, get now from immediately 612 euro per month with the prospect of further pension increases in positive development of Exchanges. The good: This once promised new pension amount can never fall, but only rise. Investmentfonds.de reported already, more at the following link fondsnews… Such increases in pensions from a traditional life insurance policy are not known. These pension increases the traditional capital life insurance can compete with obviously, because they have higher cost structures and enjoy not the investment freedom, unlimited to invest on the stock market.

Traditional capital life insurance have with the low yields on Government bonds to fight, they must invest mainly due to legal requirements. Thus another problem is evident. By the low yields on Government bonds, still less in equity funds can be invested to still be able to guarantee to the guarantee rate of 2.25%. Subsequently, the effective total interest of classical life insurance will fall again further. But what distinguishes a plant in the warranty Investment free pension from the Fund investment? The investment is the same as the principle, the investor invests in both cases in a broadly diversified Fund custody account. In contrast to the free fund investment he can investment buy pension guarantees additional warranty, a firmly committed to minimum pension. Includes a tax benefit of guarantee investment pension compared to the free fund investment, which is that the proceeds only with the low income share of later retirement are taxed while slamming the withholding tax at 25% plus solidarity tax and church tax free Fund System.

Read more at… Company InveXtra is publicly approved independent brokers according to 34 d and 34 c GewO competence test and compares the financial products in the interest of the investors. Invextra is the editor of riester Fund vergleich.de, ruerup Fund vergleich.de, LR Fund vergleich.de, fund direct insurance vergleich.de, which the investor as an aid for a better informed investment decision you want to serve. The InveXtra AG is a pioneer of the independent fund discounters in Germany since 1996 and is regularly by Stiftung Warentest as one of the cheapest Fund discounter for mutual funds and Riester funds recommended – most recently in FINANZtest 11/2009. Here, fund investors get 100% discount on the subscription fee, classic House banks, direct banks and brokers with up to 5.25% of the investors withheld more than 6,000 funds. The company was founded in 1996 by Dipl. kfm. Raimund Tittes, who started the company after completing his studies of in business administration at the University of Cologne and University of Michigan United States. The company was the first independent fund discount stores on the Internet worldwide. Offers of the InveXtra AG in the Internet Fund discount are available at. Cologne, the August 24, 2010

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