Computer Viruses

Each time more the technology of Information has changed asnossas lives. In this current century everything is being informatizado and with a granderapidez. With these great changes everything comes being transformed into grandeescala, mainly the tip technologies and, moreover, we can observarcomo are being transformed our lives of an impressive form. In the same area, the technologies if multiplying are muitorpido, but some of these are developed do not stop assisting in them in the improvement, but yes many times are threatening the powerful sufficient and for the destruction. These are known as computer virus.

Viruses exist that are harmless and others already are not toinofensivos how much to the people they think. Some virus has the power to destroy eoutros to modify a work entirely. Before only the people with advanced knowledge deprogramao created virus, due to the language level of that abrangncia of knowledge of the programmer was requisitadoe who was in question. Today they bem different, therefore already they exist some programs that dosusurios viruses to the taste create, and also fictitious companies that they charge a service for determination docliente, the example of a robbery of data base. For these questions, to be brought up to date, intent and preparados the best option to fight and to identify the viruses infested in nossoscomputadores, so that let us not pass for these bad profits. 2. What it is a virus? Virus is a type of program.

Its differences exist nacodificao, but, however the great difference is executed in the same way that one programs common, is in what the program makes. The perigosoaos virus has its code operational systems, to drivers, programs and documents that will be able serapagados or damaged. They are generated as executable in such a way in pendrivers, browsers enos operational systems, can be talked back and be executed.