Computers and Posture

New media have been implanted in our customs and we spend 43% of our active time using them. But we don’t sit properly. This causes back pain by being at the computer working, playing, reading or writing. Bad posture repeated daily causes damage to the spine, neck and wrists, but until now the supports that were available to us did not allow us sentasemos correctly. For this reason, has come an ergonomic accessory that fixes how to support us in the Chair avoiding tensions and muscular contractions. Bini Table requires to support the arms and rest sitting. It is a current product for people of today. Surely you’ve asked yourself many hours spent in front of the computer.

Sure that you would like to get home without back pain. Well, the Bini Table is a good solution to relieve all ailments stemming from a not proper posture. The Bini Table is a universal product adaptable to any type of table.There are two options, one universal size and another adptable to laptop. If you want to know more, visit the web page at the end, the hours in front of the screen do not have why to go to invoice.