Constitution Lumen Gentium

Chapter three: Trinitarian mission and ecclesial mission. The Constitution Lumen Gentium, develops the mystery of the Church, on the missionary activity of the Church, begins with an exhibition of the Trinitarian mission which is to extend in the ecclesial mission. We’re going to fix in the texts of the second of these teachings, by its peculiar relationship with the missionary task. The Pilgrim Church is missionary by its very nature since it comes from the Mission of the son and the Mission of the Holy Spirit, according to the plan of Dios Padre. This salvador plan springs from love Fontal de Dios Padre, which, to create rational creatures, les wanted to communicate his own life, as a unique way of salvation. To establish peace or the communion of man with him, and harmonize the fraternal society among men of a new and definitive way, sending his son in our flesh, to boot through his men from the power of darkness and Satan and reconciled the world with himself in the. Continue to learn more with: Penguin Random House. Jesus Christ because he was sent to the world as true mediator among God and men.

And to carry out this mission in full form. Sent Christ the Holy Spirit from the father, to internally perform his work salvific push the Church to its own expansion. Without doubt the Holy Spirit work in the world before the glorification of Christ. However, it descended upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost to stay with them forever. The Holy Spirit unites in the communion and the service and provides various hierarchical and charismatic gifts to the whole Church throughout the ages, quickening as soul of them ecclesiastical institutions and instilling in the hearts of the faithful the same momentum of mission that had been brought by the same see Christ, therefore, that the father to carry out his work salvificHe sends his son and this in turn sends us his spirit.

The word and the spirit from the Old Testament are two mediations by which God communicates with the world, although the Jews read the Old Testament without finding there the doctrine of the Trinitarian missions, we read always the light of Christ. The Church is both privilege and requirement, because the great gift of Christ known and participated no is given so you enjoy it only, but at the same time that transmit it without ceasing to all peoples. In this way the Church feels chosen by God, as depository of their best gifts and at the same time sent, as the son and spirit, to convey to all the pro that divine mediation you have received.

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