Curtains For The Kitchen. On What To Look For When Choosing Curtains For The

In our apartments, the kitchen is a place for cooking and dining together. Moreover, after a hard day the whole family gathers to eat and relax together in the kitchen. Naturally you want the best possible way decorate it. For this is the best fit curtains in the kitchen creating vibrant and comfortable. Curtains for the kitchen, must be chosen very carefully, because only in the kitchen is usually going to the whole family at once. The curtains in the kitchen should be easy to fade, good light and air to pass, creating a sense of freshness. "Merry" cotton, staple, poplin with a floral pattern, a cell or strip – tested, never the lead- options. Vzderzhki, colored cords, ribbons and lace trim give natural fabrics flavor flirting, playing in a rustic style.

It can not be afraid of some excesses: bored – legkosmenit. This style is well combined with kitchen furniture made of wood, with a colored ceramic dishes. In a small kitchen and a low figure of curtains should not be large, so as not to climb into my eyes and not tired. Ruffles and pelmet can be double, from the same tissue or tissue from one color of the companion. Recently, the band became fashionable again with pompons – a clear nod in the direction of conservatism and antiquity. Tulle in the kitchen is also possible, including color, but without metallised yarn and any claims for luxury. Regarding the color of curtains for the kitchen – it is better if it will be bright – dark or patterned curtains saturated colors create a sense of space reduction.