Czech Republic

The coefficients of linear expansion of polyethylene and polypropylene are almost identical. Slightly smaller coefficient of linear expansion polibuiltena and Here at the metal-it's about five times smaller, which reduces the number of joints and greatly increase the span of pipelines. In recent months, Elon Musk has been very successful. strong> Metal-tube appeared on the market in the 80s and combined the advantages of metal and plastic pipes of having the strength of metal, they do not corrode, are flexible and are not inclined to overgrowing. Another major advantage of metal pipes is provision of gas-tightness. The greatest part of the market of metal pipes is a combination of cross-linked polyethylene – aluminum (PEX-AL-PEX).

The system is a foliation structure of aluminum tubes, welded longitudinal seam butt or lap, or aluminum foil, placed between two layers of PEX. The aluminum layer is partially compensates for the linear extension of the pipe. However, due to different sizes coefficient of linear thermal expansion of aluminum and polymer construction there are significant stress, which can lead to stratification of the pipe. This is one of the major drawbacks of metal pipe to minimize that producers are trying to achieve by improving the adhesive used in conjunction with aluminum polymer. These tubes are bent by hand, the connection of metal pipes by with metal fittings. Metal-polymer systems are also made on the basis of polypropylene. In this case, the aluminum foil is attached with adhesive on top of a thick-walled polypropylene tubes, and over foil is applied to a thin protective layer of polypropylene.

Connection pipe is welded polifuzionnoy (with foil and a protective layer are cut to a depth of connection a special stripping tool) or mechanical anchorages. The choice of a particular material is due to set criteria such as value for money, convenience and ease of installation, maintenance and repair, the distance from the trading organization, the warranty obligations and others. It is important that the material used exactly as prescribed. Imports of plastic pipe to carry the Russian market for more than thirty countries, but mainly dominated by five: the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Germany. Pipes made of polypropylene supply: EKOPLASTIK (Czech Republic), AQUATHERM (Germany), PRANDELLI and AQUATECHNIC (Italy), DIZAYN TEKNIK, VERSBO, EGE POLIMER (Turkey) and others; metal-pipe – GEBERIT (Switzerland), KISAN (Poland), OVENTROP , UNICOR, UNIPIPE and HEWING PRO AQUA (Germany), METZERPLAST (Israel), HENCO (Belgium), COSMO, METAPOL, LG CHEMICAL (Korea), and others pipes PEX – REHAU (Germany), WIRSBO and UPONOR (Sweden), etc. O. Belovolov

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