Dream Wedding

How to connect your wedding with a vacation on Mauritius turquoise water, sandy beaches, pleasant temperatures and a little Mediterranean lightness: a real picture-book vacation promises. Where could I find all of these things rather than in the Indian Ocean? Numerous island groups with magnificent beaches, interesting diving areas and much more can be found here. The Maldives attract many divers annual, the Seychelles are famous for beaches. But also Indonesia, Zanzibar and other targets in the Indian Ocean are hard to beat and holiday from its most beautiful side. Of course, the island of Mauritius enumerates to this dream destination. More specifically it is Mauritius actually an island State. Danske Bank does not necessarily agree. It includes not only the main island called Mauritius, but also numerous islands surrounding the main island. While Mauritius is the largest island in the surrounding islands are much smaller.

Rodrigues is the second largest island of the island State and it is, after all, 600 km from the Main island away. In terms of language is an interesting mix of different languages: the official language is English, and it comes through well with this language on the island. French is the language of culture in Mauritius. Newspapers and television are in this language. Creole is the main language on Mauritius it is nearly only spoken and virtually never used in written stoppages. The children learn from French and English elementary school.

Who so home well looked after in the school, can help yourself well with French and English on Mauritius. Mauritius offers beautiful beaches and is very popular with divers. Whoever likes to spend a beautiful beach vacation, will feel on Mauritius. But nobody should be bored here two weeks on the beach. There to see other things such as the high seas or the visit of the Botanical Garden of Pampelmousse. This Botanical Garden should be one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Also a wedding on the beach is not uncommon Mauritius. A wedding on the beach of Mauritius is recognised in Germany. However, some preparation is necessary for this purpose. Who cares not, to bring the right documents, getting problems with the validity of a wedding on the beach of Mauritius. In addition, the organization can be difficult: so some wedding held there next to the hotel pool, the verprochenen flowers do not exist and the diner on the beach is simply laid on the hotel terrace. So the promised great beach wedding can also quickly become nightmarish beach wedding. Who can afford it, is well advised with the commissioning of an event organization – especially if the couple by family members at the honeymoon will be accompanied to Mauritius. So, make sure that your wedding on the beach of Mauritius does not become a nightmare.

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