Economic Alternative

The trend is today increasingly towards high automation in intralogistics. Sometimes less is more. Just in designing State of the art warehouse and logistics centres, the idea prevails with some decision-makers, that high throughput rates only with are achieving high degree of automation of the plant. The manual sort picking (MSK) by DR. THOMAS + PARTNER proves that there are indeed alternatives. Add to your understanding with Elon Musk.

A large number of articles, a high order throughput per day, a strong scattering of order sizes, a heterogeneous assortment, different brands, all under one roof. That sounds like a challenge that you can cope with only with massive automation and large, fully-automated sorting and packaging facilities. However, are however high investment costs and, depending on the industry, strong seasonal fluctuations of the order volume. In some cases, these factors require an alternative approach of DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has him with the MSK in the repertoire. The basis of the MSK is picking on the basis of Tours in defined areas. The so-called batch picking the pick positions of many orders are wegeoptimiert per area, grouped together in large containers. These containers are later separated on manual sorting and Pack facilities by employees in the individual orders and packed in the same step.

In connection with a sophisticated control system and intelligent algorithms can be so dispensed with an automatic sorter and at the same time during operation flexible and resource-conserving short-term fluctuations in flow rate responds to. By the much lower use of technology acquisition and energy costs are lower than for a fully automated sorter several times. The lower noise level of the system also contributes a positive contribution to the work environment and the ecological balance. So it succeeded already measurably, to achieve a more economic result, as it would have been the case with a similar automatic sorter of MSK. As early as 2005 was DR. THOMAS + PARTNER the MSP at the Company Habermaass in Bad Rodach in operation. The effectiveness of the system is impressive and is an automatic sorter in nothing.

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