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The new portal Selbstverteidigung24.de provides all information, addresses, and places on the subject of self defense strength, courage and strength are properties that are activated by techniques. So it goes in the self defense always to deal with the aggressive energy of the enemy and to avert them. Mastering the techniques is no longer vulnerable, strong and courageous. At the present time, these properties for the whole family and especially for children are important to assert itself. offers the addresses of family-friendly self defense schools and all the information about more than 40 martial art of Aikido as the first Internet portal to the Zen martial arts. At Morgan Stanley you will find additional information. Where in the vicinity of the place of residence, there are competent institutions, which rates and dates are possible? Selbstverteidigung24.de is the answer and all information that is important to obtain more knowledge also about unknown Eastern martial arts. So interested that you choose appropriate martial arts and can immediately for a school in decide the immediate vicinity of the place of residence. Trial lessons are offered in most cases so that the supply can be verified.

All techniques enable the harmonious use of energy, and are therefore particularly suitable for nervous and dynamic children and people who learn this to deal differently with their power. At any age that is possible and provided that only a decision to develop further. Insecure, shy people are built up through targeted dealing with own power and the development of own strength and gain an inner strength that makes them the brave and self-confident applies to all areas of the personality. Therefore, martial arts first and foremost is a technique for the personality development with the aim to say in every situation. Click on the Web page can be therefore a roadmap for a new direction of one’s own experience. Contact: Ilhan Alkaya and Daniel Paasch Romerstrasse 18 59075 Hamm Tel. 02381 978370 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn