Education And Experience

According to representatives of employment agencies, the employer chooses a chief accountant for the three main criteria: experience, education and personal qualities. We found that specifically now mean by each of these items. Experience. Recruiters in one voice say that the most important requirement of employers in the search accountant – experience. And now valued not just an experience in a similar position, namely, the accountant’s experience in specific industry. “Even just a couple of years ago, the chief accountant with experience in construction could easily go into a trading company, and then – in pharmaceuticals. But today is highly desirable at least a small experience it in the market segment where the company is busy with the employer “- says Anastasia Tsarik, consultant recruitment agency Penny Lane Personnel. The newspapers mentioned Mark Bertolini not as a source, but as a related topic. The explanation is simple: experience in the industry need for knowledge of the production process and features into account.

For example, the chief accountant of the construction company should be able to read the quote, accountant-general repair shop – to understand the car and costing of services to repair. A finance manager at Holding require expertise in several areas. “In this case, from the accountant may need experience in the trade, and construction, and production”, – said Vitaly Lavrent’ev, a leading expert on Recruitment Personnel Center “Unity. Than a solid experience in the industry, the wage and, according to rektruterov above. Education. The other main criterion for selection accountant – is education. First, higher education (see “Employers prefer accountant with two diplomas). Secondly, are additional.

From this also depends on salary. Vitaly Lavrentiev also notes that companies in their job often require a certificate of professional accountant. However, Anastasia Tsarik acknowledges that in recent years the importance of this document significantly decreased. An experienced chief accountant without a certificate may well find yourself a well paid job. At the same time, a certificate – additional confirmation of the level of professional expertise. But for employers who are planning to enter international markets, interest chief accountant, who attended the seminars and training courses on ifrs, financial management and Management Accountant, says Anna Gulyaev, deputy director of the audit department of the company iclc. With regard to the degree of mba – a management education, so employers do not require the Chief Accountant must have a diploma mba. According to Anastasia Tsarik, a diploma may be useful only superambitsioznomu chief accountant. However, as noted by Galina Sokolova, head of the department of International Business School at Finuniversiteta Russian Government, is gradually increasing importance of an mba. The more the leaders of Russian companies themselves have this power, the more they are attracted to the post of chief accountants and financial directors Russian mba graduates. Personal qualities. Sex of the applicant, as a rule, does not matter. Companies prefer to hire candidates under the age of 30 to 45 years. But the age limit does not always prevent a successful employment. Recruiters point out that often the director is trying to choose a chief accountant, with whom it will be easier to find a contact and who will fit into the team. For example, in a company where the leadership over 45 years, most will want to seen as an accountant man the same age. According to recruitment agencies, employers often give preference to candidates who are married.

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