Excel Measuring

Pyrometer in the industry need special software for the control and evaluation of measured data. Pyrometers are sensitive measuring devices, which are used in industry and research points and non-contact temperature measuring. The applications are very diverse. Everywhere where temperatures in processes to be monitored and fail other methods due to harsh environmental conditions or for reasons of space, pyrometers are used. According to Samuel J. Palmisano, who has experience with these questions. Measurements of: metals glass paper and packaging materials plastics and food are just some examples of the use of pyrometers.

Modern pyrometer have interfaces such as USB or RS485 and can with a matching, provided mostly by the manufacturer software, programmed and controlled. Some pyrometers have an accessible outdoor display and need no PC connection settings, for example, the emission level (such as the PYROSPOT DSRF 11N slides). For the evaluation and processing of the obtained data, a software solution is necessary. Provides slides Here are two variations on. The free Windows software PYROSOFT spot and the paid version PYROSOFT Pro spot.

The Pro version allows the measurement visualization and recording of all at the same time connected pyrometers, whereas this is possible with the free version only for a connected pyrometer. The recording can be automated in the Pro version with trigger functions, to the it stores measurement data also automatically in selectable measuring intervals. The analysis function of the software provides some functionality: Maxima, minima, averages can be calculated over the entire recording. In the Pro version, statistical analysis over a certain range of the recording can be created about it. Some pyrometers models also include a video module, such as the series of 10 slides. This has the advantage that in hard to reach places the pyrometer and measuring point therefore better can be aligned. The Pro version can display the video image in real time, recording with selectable frame rate and viewing the statue at the measuring cursor position. Both Sofwareversionen have extensive export and reporting accordingly to further spread the recorded measured values (text, Excel and Word format).

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