Fantastically High Efficiency

The coefficient of performance (COP) over 100%! This Statement of manufacturers of condensing boilers is astounding not only for the uneducated and far away from the boiler equipment people, but those who close deals with them. The appearance of the boiler before zdeswww.sko. '> Here> The principle of any condensing boiler based on the use of heat, which gives the water vapor condensation. This heat is due to the special design of the boiler, as used to heat the coolant. In heat engineering efficiency of the boiler is determined by the ratio of useful heat, recycled in the process of heating and hot water to the heat of combustion (amount of heat generated by complete combustion of fuel and the subsequent cooling of the combustion products to the standard conditions (0 C, 760 mm Hg.

Art.)). But for all the fossil fuels necessary to distinguish between the highest and lowest heat of combustion. Higher heat combustion is defined as the lower heating value, plus the heat of condensation. It is the basis for determining the efficiency. As a result of losses associated with high temperature exhaust products of combustion, thermal radiation and other factors, not all the warmth of heated water is passed. To allow comparison with conventional condensing boilers, calculation of efficiency is the same method, ie on lower heating value. The result is that condensing boiler uses the entire lower heating value (100%) and the heat of condensation (even 8-9%). In fact, efficiency condensing boilers, of course, less than 100%. But because the world still efficiency of traditional boilers calculated by the lower heating value, then the correct comparison of conventional and condensing boilers efficiency is assumed to be the last 107-109%.

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