Fast Funny Countable

Legalized, the MEI also will be able to participate of licitations, having the possibility of vender for the Government in the spheres Federal, State and Municipal (SOBRAL, 2009). In regards to the credit facilities to the micron-entrepreneurs, we select that the Bank of Brazil offers to a service package, including current account, with tax of R$ 5 and credit card of multiple functions. Also it makes use of financing by means of the Fast Funny BB, with value of the act of contract from R$ 1 a thousand, payment in up to 24 months, interest and lack up to 59 days for payment of the first parcel of up to 2,45% to the month (BANK OF BRAZIL, 2011). 2.4. Control countable-financier One of the main causes of the disasters with small companies is not to keep the appropriate, necessary and brought up to date registers and countable controls & ndash; not to use them to manage the company. The lack of an efficient system of accounting is not only one countable problem & ndash; it is an administrative problem. Without adjusted registers and financial controls, you it does not obtain to understand the company. It is flying and a fall is almost inevitable (RESNIK, 1991, p.136 apud CONTROLADORIA CONGRESS UFSC AND FINANCES, 2008).

The control countable-financier is basic for the financial administration of a company, therefore it is the base for the decisions of related managemental and strategical levels with generation, management or application of resources, for example. Therefore, it is important that let us consider to follow some models of controls countable-financiers.