Feng Shui

Each of us wants to equip their homes so that it brings as much joy and success. However, by rearranging furniture, we can alter not only the interior of your home, but also to organize around us space so that it had a positive effect on life. To achieve this effect by using uncomplicated secrets of Feng Shui. This practice space exploration has long been deeply respected throughout the world have people wanting to find harmony with themselves and others. It is therefore very important feng shui apartment. So, in any housing area is used by us in different ways.

For example, in the bedroom we sleep, and in the kitchen preparing food in the cafeteria lunch, and in the sitting room welcomes its guests in the bathroom, we . And nothing else. Each of these zones is designed for concrete action. Therefore, for each room needs a special approach to the selection of furniture and interior colors. In any apartment on the teachings of Feng Shui is convenient to define a total of nine zones of the octagon ba-gua. All these zones are located in different parts of the world, making feng shui flat as a whole. And the way in which these zones are superimposed on the functional room apartment has a large impact on the lives of its inhabitants. Thus, the zone's career is in the north of the house.

It involves work and earnings. Area of knowledge and wisdom coincides with north-easterly direction. Rusty holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. This place symbolizes the mind and life experience. In the east there is a zone of the family. Here are all connected with the nearest and distant relatives and even ancestors. Area wealth looks to the southeast of the home and symbol of wealth and prosperity. Glory to the inhabitants of the apartment is located in the south. This direction symbolizes how other people perceive them. Scope of marriage or partnership is in the southwestern part of the housing, which says relationships with their spouses or, if absent, that there is something unfulfilled. This feminine direction. West symbolizes children or creativity, that is, any creative projects, as well as the craving for communication. North-west direction is also a useful people, those can be considered as teachers, mentors and friends. This man's direction. And finally, health. It is located in the center of the octagon ba-gua. Main feature of Feng Shui is the ability to activate one or another area in order to improve a particular aspect of their lives. Needed to implement the correct handling, health and the inhabitants of this feng shui apartments becomes stronger, dating bring only good emotions, and material well-being begins to grow. Such visible changes brings us to the teachings of Feng Shui.

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