For Cross

On the other hand to the macroeconomics or cross-sectian it is applied the study of the relations between great economic aggregates and the global averages in relation the national ones (ROSSETTI, 2003). Under an international vision, the economy is worried about the economic relations between the nations as a whole (SINGER, 2002). Thus the necessity of if establishing relation, and posterior flow between the nations, take the humanity to a global process of reduction of the distances between itself, praising the growth of the international finances. How much to the national economy, it is worried about the individuals as producing or consuming, the social companies, classrooms or the ways of production (SINGER, 2002). In this context, the national economy demonstrates to a trend the not evolutivos cycles, perhaps for influence of factors politicians, governmental, corruption, or even though for the somatrio of all these condicionantes (CONFECON, 2006).

However moment is favorable, based on the exportation of primary products the best prices, the scale and the commerce have presented significant improvement, and if to consider the lived deeply international economic panorama in 2009 with certain instability, internally did not have catastrophes, nor sacrifices of harvests or patrimony, had then a economic growth, dictated for an almost exuberant surplus. is in this scene of stability and welfare economic and financial when the confidence between market, economy and consumer this in high, where companies reduce the box flow increasing the stated periods and stimulating the micron-credit, that some activities if sobressaem in the economic sector, in the case in question, the tourism, on the form of a necessity if to satisfy to one definitive price. For Cross (2001), to appraise tourism, in the lexicon of the geography of the tourism she is without a doubt, one of more the controversies and complex activity of all, therefore she comes moving of sensible throughout all history.

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