Free Press

Free press in a program last week, Rosa Maria Palacios on his television program Prensa Libre spoke the following: membership of political parties is going backwards. He is returning to the old. The partisan are being carried out by blood ties, not taken into account if there are conditions, if the candidates to belong to a political party have conditions. Family ties is priority. The regidores by political parties are familiar. Luis Castaneda has his eldest child as his party militant. Now Alderman of the municipality of La Molina, winning four thousand monthly soles.

And this post gives you time to pursue other activities. Lourdes Flores puts a son of a Congressman’s possible Peru in its list for the alcaldia de Lima. To interview him the says that her mom has not recommended it. It also includes the daughter of Barron, and the granddaughter of Bedoya. Lourdes makes alliances based on kinship. Javier Barron includes his two sons as aldermen in your list, but does not say that criterion job to do this.

Jose Barba, includes his son of nineteen years, to the list of Aldermen in the list of Alex Kouri. Also to his sister-in-law. But still need to see how are the lists of the other candidates for the metropolitan municipality of Lima. What they do not understand is: How does the matter of nepotism? This issue occurs while in Office, or before taking office also? I believe that in both cases, it should be disallowed. And the margin that are prepared people or not, I think that the possibility of finding other capable people for these jobs must not be aborted. Then on this television program touched the topic of Sendero Luminoso in the University of San Marcos. In this regard the President of the Republic said that it will intervene in the University without consulting anyone.

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