Free YouTube Converter 3.1

DVDVideoSofts free Windows tool stores and converted YouTube videos! DVDVideoSoft has 47 free multimedia tools for Windows already on sale. One of the most important tools is immediately before a new version. The free YouTube converter is able to cut YouTube videos from the Web and to save them on the hard drive. While the films covered by the batch method be converted right – and as AVI, MP4, or WMV file. YouTube turns more and more to the modern television alternative from the Internet.

TV shows, music videos, fun clips, but increasingly more and more their own films of the Web creative invite to unrestrained look directly on the PC screen. Many viewers want it, to be able to save the videos from YouTube on your own hard drive. Be offline they look, when more users then is. There are now quite a few tools that help to download movies from the Internet. Among the users, but the free YouTube converter by DVDVideoSoft is particularly popular; He is also in the press with the most mentioned. The reason: This free tool is very easy to use, it supports the download of entire video collections and the related videos even in new formats can be saved at the end. The free YouTube converter can be fed with individual video URLs to download the accompanying films.

About the Windows tool can download entire playlists and show lists, download the individual channels, or all the videos from the personal playlists (history, positive reviews, Favorites, see later on) apply. Also the movies from a play list of the artists, a film category, a music business or from the YouTube charts can be purchased in one go. The tool puts the movies like in the original YouTube video formats (MP4, FLV and WebM) on the hard disk. It is also possible to convert them to another format. AVI, MP4 and WMV formats are supported. The free YouTube Converter offers a variety of additional functions. So it is possible to have YouTube links from external Text files to extract and store. The user can save also a download history, automatically distribute videos to iTunes, or define a custom name for the downloaded and converted videos. Free download free YouTube Converter: Free YouTube Converter 3.1.24 (23.2 MB) can be free from the DVDVideosoft website (www.dvdvideosoft.com/ de) download and use on your own computer then permanently. It is also possible to obtain the tool as part of the all-in-one package free Studio. Free Studio includes now 47 free multimedia tools for Windows XP, Vista and 7 further information on the company: DVDVideoSoft was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. 47 useful applications for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are currently offered. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. All programs are bundled in free Studio, as a menu functions to access of the tools. The tools are available in many languages available, also in German. Currently, more than 350,000 users a day visit the homepage. Contact for the press: Helene Kohler E-Mail: Internet: de

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