Frequent Problems With The SONY

The SONY brand is without a doubt one of the most well-known home appliances and products for the home. And logically, SONY plasma monitors and TVs enjoy the preference of the public, who have recognized the pair for money within it. Because Mendoza is the fourth most populous city in the Republic Argentina, whereas the metropolitan area called greater Mendoza, is that demand has grown by an authorized service center of the mark in the province. Although we know that SONY products are dealtisima quality, it is always feasible to arise some type of malfunction. Within most requested repairs for monitors and TVs we can mention the defects on the screen.

They can be of two types: point defects in a pixel, or stripes or vertical stripes along the entire screen. When the problem lies in a pixel, the defect is usually due to three situations: the dead pixel, hot pixel, or stuck pixel. In the first case, the dead pixel, is evident in the very clear images, because This pixel does not generate any electrical signal, and is dark. Regarding hot pixel it usually happens on screens that were used continuously for a long time or have suffered any overheating. It is a pixel that appears green or white or red.

Hot pixel is similar, though different in terms of its causality to the stuck pixel. In the stuck pixel electrical signal is at its maximum strength, beyond the image that is projected. It is often viewed as a bright spot, which stands out from the rest. In terms of the vertical stripes, they usually result from defects in platelets or in the flex, one of the internal components of the display. When this happens you need suitable personnel to do a survey with the proper tools to locate defective platelet. Likewise, it is also possible that will cut a pistade a data cable. In this case the fault in the image is well defined, generating a line dead in a sector that covers the entire width screen.With respect to the stripes vertical, these are usually produce defects in platelets or in the flex, one of the internal components of the display. When this happens it is necessary that suitable staff do a control with appropriate tools to detect defective platelet. Equally, it is also possible to be cut a track of a data cable. Here the fault in the image is well distinct, generating a line dead in a sector that comprises the whole screen. It is necessary to resort to an authorized service center Sony in Mendoza to achieve a real repair, with original components which confirm the quality of the final image.It is imperative to find an authorized Sony in Mendoza, service to get an excellent repair and original elements that ensure us the quality of the image.

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