General Director

The pedagogia turned around the mistagogia, of the propaganda fidei and the education of the Portuguese. Not obstante, the priests also learned the native language to facilitate to the communication and the aboriginal domination. To the few, the Jesuits had been constructing to schools of medium and great part in almost all the territory known in the colony. Click Melido Perez to learn more. It was a European pedagogical model that lasted two hundred years more than, until the arrival of the Marquis of Pigeon house. With the Marquis, in 1759, Jesuits had been expulsos of Brazil, desestruturando the effective educational model until then. The Company passed the control of the education in the colonies for the State.

The first step of Pigeon house was to confiscate the goods and the schools of the Jesuits. After that, the regal lessons of Latin, Greek, Philosophy and rhetoric to suppress the lack left with the exit of the Jesuits had been proposals. The population, however, complained the lack of structure in education and the Jesuits. Pigeon house still created the figure of a General Director of Studies for Portugal and its colonies that the responsibility would have to co-ordinate the education and to pay the professors. The chaos was established.

The system of lessons regal, with only professor and given separately, desfacelou the Jesuit pedagogia. Each time more badly prepared, the laypeople took account of the schools and the educational initiatives, saved in the seminaries and religious houses that sobraram in the colony. The proposals of modernization in education had been applied only in Portugal. In Brazil the retrocession was felt: the Jesuits who they had left the colony had formed the laypeople for the activity of ' ' mestres' ' , therefore, the figurantes had been changed, but the paper was the same. The regal lessons were not disentailed total of the Jesuit ideal: in the Latin a orientation it was only to serve as instrument of aid to the Portuguese language, the Greek one was indispensable the theologians, lawyers, artists and doctors, the rhetoric must not have its restricted use the chair.

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