GRAZ Pleasure Capital

“Long Board of Styria pleasure capital Graz 700 guests celebrate at the Hauptplatz in Graz food dishes from the finest from the who don’t enjoy pleasure region of Styria, is unfit for human consumption” so put it once Konstantin Wecker. In Graz, knew it quite intuitive since time immemorial and live this motto with natural matter of course. A unique pleasure and so to speak, the showcase capital partners is every year in August the long table of benefit capital for 700 guests in the middle of the old town of Graz. ALL pleasure”on 18 AUGUST 2012 one, two, three on 18 August is already for the third time the long table in the middle of the old town of Graz, from the main square until the mid Schmiedgasse, festive covered. White damask, silver candlesticks, fine shining silverware and shining glasses, opulent flowers and table decoration, City Hall, clock tower and the starry sky as a backdrop who likes there not space to enjoy the culinary delights offered? Before the four-course tasting menu,. of course, each course with matching wines, is applied, is as it should be for an aperitif.

“But it would be not the pleasure capital, would only an” aperitif served. No, already the mood on the night in the beautiful ambience of the Landhaus courtyard is promising. The best wine of the country present their finest drop. And certainly not everyday the best beers are served in the context of a commented tasting tasting. The finger food to serve is not only eye candy but it is so nice amuse gueule”delicious palate clit and whets your appetite for more. Now it says sit down and really enjoy the friendly and competent service crew and the Sommeliers offer creative and lovingly prepared dishes (of course from ingredients of the Styrian pleasure regions) with matching drinks. Discreet and pleasant musical accompaniment is also provided.

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