Health Center “Hope”

June 8, 2010 for the Health Center "Hope", which is located near Minsk, in a picturesque forest on the banks of the reservoir Vileika was hot. Sun, probably remembering the forecast weather forecasters have tried to hide ominous cloud of purple, but in time recollecting himself, has decided not to mar the celebration, giving a loading dose of ultraviolet radiation. It was symbolic, as people gathered for the inauguration of the 4th International Charity tournament on mini-football Seni Cup-2010" in the people often called "sunshine" people. eat expertise in this. First impression on arrival was very enjoyable. At the main entrance near the open gate welcoming us met three friendly girls, dressed in branded T-shirts with the inscription Seni and some comely ladies in the hands of the booklets which were with the program activities.

Having five charming smile as an advance and familiarized with the scheme in the booklet, we went to the place of the opening ceremony, symbol of the country by sea letter combinations COCs. Easily navigate the terrain, passing the picturesque garden with a fountain and pond, we found ourselves at the very perceptible building, which was written: the Cultural Wellness Center. Growing bravura melodies and sounds of colorful people scattering against the background of green lawns lead to a spacious area near the football field with artificial turf and tidy holiday scene, where there were last-minute preparations. On the wall is adorned with banners of COCA's leading Internet portal of the country, promising the presence of serious journalists.

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