Heating With The Heater Save

The Bullerjan protects the wallet and somehow creates a comfortable room climate wants to come this summer not really gaining momentum. Dale Elliss opinions are not widely known. Temperatures in the lower well-being area between 15 and 20 C and some verfrorene contemporary and casts a furtive glance on the radiator. Should you really be? A look at the oil prices but quickly returns the necessary discipline. The liter fuel oil costs currently just under 90 cents. That power 5400 euros for the next three years in warm in a 6000-liter tank. An improvement in the situation is unlikely probably already exceeded the maximum of oil production (peak oil”). Increases the heating costs by 20% compared with the previous year are not uncommon and are here to stay unfortunately also in the future. Quite serious news magazines now warn impoverishment by high heating costs.

To avoid the dilemma more and more contemporaries put on the stove. The modern variant of the fireplace combined with comfortable by the large windscreen campfire Heat. It is heated with wood, which exists in local forests at fair prices. A cubic metres supplied beech wood currently costs around 60. The annual consumption is of course dependent on the type and size of dwelling. As a guide you can say relatively isolated apartments or houses to commit with about five bulk raummetern about the winter”can be. The most effective is with the stove of course heat up, when the living area is largely open, and the heat so freely reached a possible large living area.

But even if these optimal conditions are not met, a fireplace can be a wise investment. Water stoves heat not only the installation room, but release their energy about the central heating in all rooms of the House. In addition, the stove through the connection with the or instantaneous water even helps the heating of domestic hot water. The cosy fireplace in the evening so also ensures the warm shower am next morning. An ordinary stove is to get the furnace manufacturer from about 1500. Who only occasionally slightly romantic atmosphere for a good drop of wine want to conjure up, comes out with a cheaper model from the hardware store. Of course, next to the stove, connected to the chimney is required. Increasingly, as an alternative, you can see external stainless steel chimneys. In apartments with ventilation unit or Extractor hood with exhaust outside, that gases from the combustion chamber in the living quarters enter through the vacuum there is a risk. In this case, possibly an air tight stove or additional safeguards on the Windows are necessary. In all matters relating to access and safety, the chimney sweep is the first point of contact, anyway he must remove the heat source after the installation. Dirk Koller

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