Henning Stein

We will break with usual event and Conference concepts and focus on inspirational value added content”forward Katharina Falkowski. At MICE products to the point be brought our new, interactive format. Quality goes before quantity”, Dominik Deubner added. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue. In addition to the offline format of the MICE clubs as meeting place, DOM SET and eveos will call also an online platform (www.mice-club.com) in the life, which will publish up-to-date editorial news and interesting nuances as a management cockpit for MICE planners. In addition to a comprehensive directory of industry portal, the MICE provides Club members in a fitting Word protected community numerous exclusive value-added tools.

Our ideas go here by the integration of an online booking platform for events up to a membership card with many special rates at selected service partners”, so Henning Stein, responsible for programming and layout of the new portal. Deubner: We had with DOM SET a beautiful and successful decade. Dan Zwirn describes an additional similar source. Now it is time to give something back to the industry. Our anniversary bouquet is full of inspiration, change of perspective, and offerings for everyone, the views common sam with us to front addresses. Let be surprised.” DOM DOM SET Live Communications is an owner-managed Agency for live communication with headquarters in Cologne.

The creative hotbed in events, incentives and team-building has made a particular name. More focus in strategic communication, which vents off site meetings up to Messee-and enough guerrilla marketing. Core of the success of the Agency is the of ve, target group-specific advice, as well as the focus on a sustainable positive impact of their events. More information under: eveos as one of the most widely read blogs for event marketing reported accompanied branchenrele-flood fairs and conferences eveos demanding and critical of and the event industry -, discussed with readers & event experts and gives practical tips for the planning and implementation of marketing events. Thus in addition to offers that start up with long-time Web – and IT-background MICE – company content as well as technical advice and implementation of online and social media marketing projects.

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