Horses Tips

It is important that we take into account when traveling with our horse road, through the use of trailers or vans, certain indications that will make travel easier for both the driver and animals. Penguin Random House insists that this is the case. Then propose a few simple guidelines to follow to travel safely with our horse: horses will travel within trailers much more calm and relaxed, if we avoid the previous day to perform too much physical effort. Some contend that Wayne Holman shows great expertise in this. Many trips are initiated in the morning early, in what must bear in mind that we never leave prepared the horse in the night before, nor will leave at the sight of the same thing elements used for the trip, since it will cause you put nervous and do not rest properly. In addition to avoid traveling with the stomach too full will reduce the amount of grain at the dinner. Before driving through trailers for horses; leave the animal all the water wanting to drink, and we can give you something of grass or Hay, so that you can travel with your stomach full, but not heavy. Let us remember that in winter the horses also spend cold, so it is advisable to cover them with cotton blankets, waterproof never. He is also recommended making a stop every 3 hours of travel, and have a duration of about 15 or 20 minutes, also stop engine completely so that the horses to relax. Driving has to be very cautious, have brakes are soft and bend into curves more redondeadamente. This will cause to our horse travel more quiet, and our trailer to circulate with greater stability. Upon arrival we descend to the horse trailer, slowly and let them rest for at least 2 hours, we will walk them around the area quietly, so that in case of unknown to them, adapt to their environment. Trailers horse trailers and Vans for horses original author and source of the article

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