Human Sciences

Generally the word game suggests ideas and images related with the free time and cio' '. is accurately in free and cio the time that the aged ones smoke uncontrollable, therefore its lives tends to a great apathy when they are not socialized or in recreativas activities. Some aged inhabitants of geriatrical homes if isolate and remain come back toward of itself, closed and sad inside, many times for having lost bonds that represented source of emotional support (the family). At the moment where they arrive at these institutions it is necessary that they feel themselves in its new home, its house as a new family. The recreation has basic paper in this ressocializao. According to Lorda (5), ' ' the reverse speed-creation particularly in the oldness, can mean to create again, motivate, establish new goals, new interests and styles of life, and can be considered as a therapeutical process of restaurao' '. METHODOLOGY the research was carried through in the Joined Workmanship Home Is Vicente de Pablo, situated in Ita of Mines-MG, an institution geriatrical that it shelters today certain from 28 aged ones. In this research we use three types of research: bibliographical, of field and research-action.

According to Cervo and Bervian (8), the bibliographical research search to explain a problem from published theoretical references in documents. Search to know and to analyze the cultural or scientific contributions of the existing past on one determined subject, subject or problem. The bibliographical research is half of formation par excellence. As original scientific work, it properly constitutes the research said in the area of Sciences Human beings. Cervo and Bervian (8). Still according to Andrade (9), one field or laboratory research implies, necessarily, the preliminary bibliographical research. It is obligator in the exploratrias research, the delimitation of the subject of a work or searches, in the development of the subject, citations, the presentation of the conclusions.

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