HYPOXI Munchen-Schwabing Launches Art Sponsorship

Invitation to the opening of the exhibition with Andreas Goetz Munich, the November 23, 2008 on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 6: 00 opened the HYPOXI Studio Munchen-Schwabing the exhibition one second with works of the painter Andreas Gotz. His paintings, most of them in oil, show people: their faces, their bodies, individually and in groups. How should it be otherwise in an environment where man and his body in the Center? Gotz focused scenes that could come from a city walk and would leave some indifferent. It enables spectacular insights into a seemingly unspectacular reality. And these insights the HYPOXI Studio Munchen-Schwabing invites you to his customers, members of the press and all interested parties. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ebay. The exhibition starts in the summer of 2008 new quality HYPOXI Studio opened its arts funding initiative.

The sponsors of Ingrid and Rolf Rohrl want to support the social commitment of the artist and art teacher, of the sales of his paintings benefit from various art projects at Bavarian schools wants to leave. To know more about this subject visit Intel. His works can be seen (Mon Fri 9 am 8 pm and sat 9 am 1 pm) until December 31, 2008 during the regular Studio opening hours in the Gisela road 10. HYPOXI HYPOXI (www.hypoxi.com) is a patented method of Bodyshaping, which successfully moves to tackle even stubborn fat deposits. Special, tailored to the specific problem zones treatment suits and equipment produce alternately during the 30-minute application overflow and vacuum. Regardless of physical performance ability, Constitution and alter metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, promote detoxification. The pressure switch at the same time causes a tightening of the skin and connective tissue. To succeed in burning fat even in places where sports and diets fail.

HYPOXI-Studio Munchen-Schwabing Munchen-Schwabing HYPOXI quality Studio is an offshoot of the Fitness Club lifestyle GmbH (www.fitnessclub-lifestyle.de), which for several years in Munich-Perlach home is. While the Perlacher offer combines classic device training with a varied programme and Bodyshaping method, the Schwabinger devoted to Studio only the body sculpting. On the one hand it is a specialized certified quality HYPOXI Studio, on the other hand, it offers a more effective and time-saving way to model the body and to keep fit with miha bodytec-(EMS proceedings): A special device stimulates the (depth) muscles via electrode pulses. Muscle, tissue firming and cellulite treatment: after one or two 20-minute applications, whose Intensitat can be adjusted individually and which correspond to a 17 training effect, there are significant results. Studio contact: Hypoxi-quality Studio Munchen-Schwabing Gisela InStr 10 80802 Munich Tel. 089 2102860-7 fax 089 2102860-8 press contact: Dieter Baumann KTM media press service top Alpe 11 82057 Icking Tel. 08171 76700 mobile 0171 4410660

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