Improved Technology

From childhood dream to make furniture arms, it seemed to me a male occupation. However, now it was filled, and I can just make furniture using noveshie production technology. Improved technology for the manufacture of furniture use the software. Software make it possible, moreover, that make furniture for a short time, more and perform competently design. Technology for manufacturing furniture. It is made of laminated chipboard, this material is less expensive and it has specialized tools for processing. Also a versatile material with good characteristics for our living conditions.

Laminate – laminated chipboard, handled by available tools, lack the two programs. For the construction of the project used furniture pro100 program and Astra cut chipboard, otherwise all of the equipment. Further, as all the design and preparation been completed, you need to bring a printer Rusk and order aspect. Sawing is better to order the furniture shop – for a small fee it will. If done, nothing remains as okleyt edge, make holes and to assemble. The assembly is simple, glued edge iron, a drill is needed for drilling and screwing screws. Very easy to make furniture yourself using the described technology. Use software to design and build tools and will save you twice, since it is the cost of production. This is a pleasant experience: – design furniture – to collect it as a constructor lego, and can be proud of their own masterpiece of technology and knowledge of how to make furniture, in this case you are already a furniture-makers.