In Internet

Many of those means invented by the man have contributed to their alienation. In the global world that is shown we must take the communication to liberation means degree. The interchange of ideas takes shape in new ideas that when announcing novel exits reduce the uncertainty. By all means that the technological means of today are the key, but the human invention no it will finish and will appear new ways. Today we must take care of the available ones, systems, tools, software, networks, data bases. They are tools, the challenge is in which allow to conform societies of the knowledge where the world happens to concentrate in the human capital. The calls mass media of masses issue the same message, in infinity of cases manipulated according to the interests of the emitter, that is to say, average at heart impersonal, while now the communication is customized and allows the interaction.

In Internet all the means fit that there are well-known, reason why it becomes something more than means in himself, since the knowledge universalises, prevent the manipulation in much greater degree than the one than it takes place in massmedias, Integra and personaliza. We must admit that in countries as Venezuela the technology is taken like toy and not like liberation element. It is spoken of six million connected Venezuelans to the network but the practical exercises to look for them for a communication is impossible. Briefly, the Venezuelans we do not have learned to communicate to us. The means the powerful traditional means tend to the fusion, but also the average premises multiply. The printed newspapers include video and audio and those that are not able to produce an innovation in the way to make journalism disappear, because it buys them to nobody to find out the news that already was spread massively to hours and days before.

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